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Desert Times

Rural community newspaper with art and culture content, no news.


Website with time-lapse videos compiled from footage from surveillance cameras in cities around the world, from 2020-2021. Sketches shown below, view site at coronafriends.com


Archive of images containing two collections: 1. the internet of animals, a worldwide system of sensors embedded to monitor wildlife, and 2. land sensors, monitoring stations for measuring change in earth's processes or atmosphere. At hyperlands.com

Days LA

Print about lost items in the collection of the Burke Museum, part of an artist's pack of prints Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined) conceptualized and printed by Tanya Rubbak for Days LA, an experimental retailer that curates independent projects.


Series of videos on a certain dossier that appeared in 2016. View at thekompromat.com

A Mother is a Clock

Video and live performance using never-before-heard audio from women and girls at a Catholic school in the 1960s. Audio used with permission from Seattle's Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and processed with the help of Mike McCrea. Archival images used with permission from MOHAI.

The People Protest

Protest project beginning with an app to generate simple posters, view at thepeopleprotest.com. Posters created by people using the app were collected in a database and layered to create a generative t-shirt design. Additional proposals for tees were solicited from designers interested in protest; then, all T-shirts were printed and sent out to people via Kickstarter.